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How I Ended My Own Frustration...With The 10 Second Bow Maker! 

Years ago, I started a love/hate relationship with bows. I loved them, I wanted to make them, but I hated trying to make them. I would try, and each time they just looked tragic! Finally, I mastered them, but then when I started teaching card making and scrapbooking classes, I learned that this bow making love/hate relationship extended to so many others. My husband and I have thought on making these over the years, and many of my local papercrafters have been our guinea pigs to find the perfect size. These were my must-haves for my bow maker:

Portable! So You Can Take It To Crops!

Small Enough To Store!

Adjustable! So you can make bows from 1/2″ up to 3 1/4″!

And most importantly, one that is so simple, 

you can make a bow in SECONDS, not minutes or hours!

“I was looking for a way to tie bows for the cards and scrapbooking pages. I was so tired of just tying knots or trying to do it with a fork. I kept coming back to the 10 Second Bow Maker. It came super fast and was so excited when I received it that I spent some time to watch the videos again and tie bow after bow. Being very left handed, the 10 Second Bow Maker made it so easy for me. Now I can finally have bows on my cards all the time. WOW!!!”

Laura K.

"I received my bow maker on Tues ( July 3rd) of this week. Thursday evening (8:30 pm) I started making the small bows for our 50th anniversary invitations. I've completed 95 as of 9:15 am today, Friday July 6th. 

I am a 72 year old with arthritis in my fat fingers. Have pretty much stopped using bows on my cards as it takes me so long to do them. This simple bow maker has been great. If I can do it anyone can. THANK YOU!! 

I still haven't gotten the process down to the small bows with short tails but I didn't mind wasting as small amount of ribbon ( less that an inch) to complete all my bows in such a short time. THEY look so good too. I put off ordering this thinking I can do this until one day I just ordered and hoped it would help. It's one of my favorite new tools for card making. THANK YOU AGAIN" 

Karen in Cincinnati

“I love it! Did I say that I love it? I love it, I love it, I love it! Every crafter needs one of these!

Sarah C.

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